Tuesday 10 May 2016

100 Years Cub Camp

Last weekend was the High Peak District Camp which celebrated 100 years of Cub Scouting, held at the beautiful Gradbach Scout Camp above Buxton. 

The Cubs had a fantastic time, mingling with other packs from around the area and trying out lots of new activities based on 'flight'. 

They learnt to parachute, safely rescue the injured, build shelters and survival techniques. They fired pop-bottle rockets and did archery. Flew homemade kites and paper aeroplanes and watched a fantastic bird of prey display. 

We planted 100 trees all around the site, along with a commemorative Yew Tree at the site's chapel which was blessed during the closing ceremony. 

Overall it was an exhausting weekend but fantastic fun for all involved!

A model Spitfire at the camp entrance

One of the home made kites flying high

A Harrison Hawk
Whittling wood
Lighting a fire
Tying a Highwayman's Hitch

The commemorative Yew Tree

A very tired cub!