Monday 24 September 2018

September 200 Club

Congratulations to the latest big winners of the Scout Group 200 Club.

If you want a try at this high stakes then please complete this form and hand it to one of the Group leaders with your first years' subscription.

• The club shall be called “1st Taxal Scout Group 200 Club”.
• Members will be allocated a number that will remain the same for the duration of their membership.
• Members may purchase more than one number.
• The subscription will be £12 per number per annum, payable by standing order, by cheque payable to “1st Taxal Scout Group 200 Club” or cash.
• There will be 6 prize draws throughout the year - i.e. every other month - and these will be drawn in the presence of the "promoter", on dates designated by the "promoter".
• Each draw will be allocated a prize fund equal to 50% of the fully paid up entries for that month. The remaining 50% will be retained by Taxal Scout Group to be used at the discretion of the group committee.
• Only fully paid up members (as at the 1st of the month) will qualify for entry to that months draw.
• Prizes will be allocated (as a proportion of the total fund) as follows: 1st prize drawn 50%, 2nd prize drawn 30% and 3rd prize drawn 20%. Payments will be by cheque to the members holding the winning numbers.
• Each draw's winners will be on display in the Scout Hut and the individual winners notified by post. A full list of winners will be available from the Group Treasurer.
• In the event of there being insufficient applicants the committee, at their discretion, reserve the right to close the club and return any subscriptions paid.
• Accounts will be maintained by the treasurer and made available for inspection at the A.G.M.
• The promoter is Mrs J Stead of 24 Meadowfield Whaley Bridge High Peak SK23 7AX.
• EXAMPLE of prizes if 100 numbers are sold. 1st prize £50 2nd prize £30 3rd prize £20