Thursday 19 March 2020

All scout meetings cancelled

We are aware there have been lots of messages bouncing around the district in the aftermath of HQs announcement that all face to face scouting is suspended until further notice.

We want to clarify that this means for us. The following events and meeting have been suspended:

- St George's Day celebration

- appointments committees

- unit meetings

- district team meetings

- ADCs meetings

- all training

- Gradbach young wardens scheme

 - district AGM

We are looking forward to receiving ideas from the young people and yourselves on how we can carry on scouting in these altered circumstances. Please send any ideas to We are aware that different things may work for different age groups. 

The district team is working in the background to enable the behind the scenes aspect of scouting to still occur and looking at alternative ways of holding meetings and training. 

We hope to be sending regular updates as things develop so watch this space. 

Yours in scouting

The District Team

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