1st Taxal Beavers are a friendly group of boys and girls aged from 6 to 8 who meet every Wednesday during term time between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. A second colony now runs on a Tuesday evening from 6pm to 7pm. The cost is only £30 per child per term.  

Beaver Leaders: Connor, Paul and George 

The section is run by a number of volunteer leaders and parents. Other parents help out occasionally too, there can never be enough helpers but if we have too few then we have to cancel! Let us know if you'd like to help, perhaps just preparing juice and biscuits, or visiting one night to talk to the Beavers about something you are passionate about.

Beavers do lots of exciting activities that will prepare them for cubs and scouts, we go for hikes, practice knots and alternative communication techniques like morse code and semaphore. We learn about other cultures and healthy eating, we even go to camp! Oh, and we play lots of fun games! 

We are currently full to capacity so, if you think your child would like to join us, please do ask to be put onto our waiting list as soon as possible (it is never too early!). Spaces do come available regularly, as children progress up into cub scouts, but there still may be quite a wait to get to the top. 

If you want to be added to the list, or have any other questions about Beavers, please fill in the form below to leave a message, or email, and one of the leaders will respond as soon as they are able.  

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